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Suzhou Jinhorn Electronic Systems Co.Ltd. its predecessor was founded in 2006, Suzhou Jinhorn Control System Co. Ltd. After more than 10 years of development, from a software and hardware technology integration development and integration of developers, has become more.A large scale modern manufacturing professional solution provider, training and accumulating a batch oprofessional and technical teams, they have a wide range of specialties.ndustry experience and skills to provide customers with automated and intelligent production and testing of the overall solution. The PTH parallel machine platform developed by Jinhorn solves the integration of multiple production test stations and realizes in telligent production demand.At the same time, the goal of reducing the number of employees in workshop and reducing labor co st is realized.  With the business development and accumulated experience, especially in the field of automotive electronics Jinhorn sensor has accumulated rich variety of car Sensor production, production and testing experience, provide a comprehensive intelligent production and testing solutions for the majority of automotive sensor manufacturers. IOur goal is to become the most professional vehicle sensor service provider in the field.