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Intelligent of sensor produce

As the information source of the automotive electronic control system, the vehicle sensor is the key component of the automotive electronic control sys tem, and is also one of the core contents of the automotive electronic technology field.Automotive sensors are mainly used in vehicle control system, chass is control system, body control system and navigation system. Its application has greatly improved the electronization of automobileTo a certain extent, the safety factor of vehicle driving is increased.

With the gradual deepening and expansion of autopilot, the vehicle millimeter wave radar is in the active cruising system (ACC), automatic emergency braking (AEB), forward collision warning(FCW) and other fields are widely applied, which constitute the core sensor unit in ADAS system.

At present, there are about tens of hundreds of sensors installed on a family car, and the number of sensors on luxury cars can be as high as 200. Intelligent automat ion of automotive sensorsProduction and testing are directly related to the quality of sensor products and to the survival of manufacturers.

In order to improve the quality of the production of the sensor, save the production cost, and provide the overall solution from automatic production to automatic test, the Jinhorn electronics has a broad industry prospect.The project involved in the product business is: